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The fishing adventures that surround Facowie Lodge are limitless. There are a vast number of lakes along with countless rivers in proximity. Almost every species of fish that are known to Minnesota can be found up in this area to gratify all fishermen.


The land surrounding Facowie Lodge is bountiful with many different varieties of game for the hunting enthusiast. The scenic beauty surrounding the hunt of choice will completely enhance your hunting experience up in this wilderness land of treasures.


Facowie Lodge is situated in Voyageurs National Park and is one of the most scenic and beautiful snowmobile adventures you will ever have. There are hundreds of miles of perfectly groomed snowmobile trails through thousands of acres of wilderness and lakes.

Local Scenery

The natural beauty of the northwoods of Minnesota is breathtaking. With acres of deep forests, fields of delicate wildflowers, and shimmering lakes and ripping rivers, spending time outdoors is restful and restorative.


The woods surrounding Facowie Lodge are teeming with wildlife, including deer, bears, moose, wolves, lynx, bobcats, eagles, owls, and more. Guests of the lodge are often treated to a glimpse of our wild residents, though some prove more elusive. We have captured hundreds of photos on our trail cam.


Winters at Facowie Lodge are cold and snowy, but they are also beautiful, serene, and full of outdoor adventure opportunities. There is something unique and special to enjoy in the Minnesota northland every season! Besides, the lodge is beautiful in the snow!